Study: Love Hormone Helps Kids With Autism

3 Study: Love Hormone Helps Kids With Autism [EXPERT]

Put the biochemistry of love to work in three simple steps.

2. Fill your own positive, emotional gas tank. Stress is also a huge problem for parents of autistic children. Put this power to work for you first. Practice self-care. Give yourself lots of empathy. Then let love fill you and radiate to your child. It will be the power their emotional muscles will grow into.

3. Teach them that positive emotions are our greatest source of power. Our real power comes from the heart. That's where we become the person we can be and learn how to connect with other people. Reflect their feelings to help them learn to do the same. If your child has a special interest, help them distinguish the positive feelings it gives them. They can learn to self-generate those feelings and use that power to overcome challenges.

Nothing will fill your heart with joy like when your autistic child, teen, or young adult lovingly expresses what is in their heart to others. Help them past their anxiety, and they'll find the way. How Your Doubts Can Fuel Your Dreams