5 Ways To Destroy Your Marriage, Singlehandedly

5 Ways To Destroy Your Marriage [EXPERT]

Are you responsible for ruining your relationship?

Since you make sense, you assume that you are right, and that your point of view is therefore the only "right" one. Your spouse never gets it. Ever. Or hardly ever. Because you really are willing to negotiate, just not this time because this time you are right. As usual. If your spouse can't make decisions without you having a great "suggestion," as you typically do, you are probably driving your spouse to divorce.

5. You constantly belittle your partner's needs. Men need words of affirmation and sexual intimacy. Women need time to be heard and appreciated, as well as random acts of kindness. Minimizing how important these are is like denying water to a rose garden and expecting roses.

The bond that holds couples together will never bloom unless you give it what it needs: validation. When couples start to hold their needs against each other, they vanish any possibility of real intimacy. Afterall, your spouse should be the one person on this planet who wants your needs to be met, even if they can't meet all of them.

If you withold sex as punishment because you know how important it is for him, or you skip intellectual foreplay consistently because you are too tired to romance her, you are probably driving your spouse to divorce.

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