How To Stay Single & Miserable This Holiday Season

miserable santa

Don't you just love being lonely?

3. Lead with sex. You're standing underneath the mistletoe, with the hottest dress you could find, your stilletos and red lipstick. Your goal is to get someone's attention. It will work: you will get someone's attention, you will get that kiss you were looking for, and he might even take you home that night.  

The problem is that wanting sex is not the same as wanting love. And the kind of guy that is looking for sex is not necessarily the kind of guy that is looking for love. If your intention is to find love, then lead with that. If your intention is to have sex, then lead with sex.  

Don't get these twisted, or you'll mess up your holidays with unnecessary drama. Will you give in to sex with the wrong guy because you're lonely? Will you have unsafe sex because you don't want to ruin the moment? Hold your sexual power, and do not settle for anything that violates your love standards. If you have not created love standards, don't have sex until you create them.  

Romance is everywhere, and marketers will make sure to tap into your nostalgia with their sexy commercials about love and shopping. Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations bring with them two strong emotional drivers: the past and the future. Smack in the middle is the present moment, which is all you really have. Take all that energy and do something magical with it. Put everything you have into making this moment something you will want to remember.