Misconceptions That Keep Men From Finding Love

man ignoring woman

Recently I have noticed more and more limiting beliefs from my male clients. While I can understand the mindset and logic behind these, they are still false and hinder confidence and overall self esteem. Most of these false ideas have been holding these guys back for years. So let's take a look at these limiting beliefs logically.

Most women only are attracted wealth and money. This is one of the most common limiting beliefs I hear. As there are women out there who are driven by financial success; they are very rare. I think this stems from the fact that most financially successful men have a lot of self-confidence. While most wealthy men are confident, just because a guy has money, doesn't mean he's confident when it comes to dating. In fact, sometimes it can work against them.

For example, take a guy who has been unsuccessful with women his whole life. Once he experiences financial success, he believes the ladies will follow. All he needs to do is tell them. He couldn't be more wrong and his insecurities will be more apparent then ever. Nothing is more unattractive to a woman then a bragger. These successes are much more powerful when she finds them out on her own. She will know you own a hundred thousand dollar car when you give her a ride in it. It is much better to be modest. Most of these guys identify themselves by how much money they have. True self-confidence is much more attractive then a large bank account. What men don't realize that financial status isn't a problem for a woman, unless the man is embarrassed about it. This pretty much goes with many situations.

Another limiting belief is only good looking guys can get good looking girls. Now everyone has seen a awkward looking fellow with a gorgeous woman. How did this guy pull that?! He must be rich! No, he is not rich. The fact is that women aren't as visually attracted as men are. This is an genetical difference between male and females. Men are attracted to symmetry and physical features. This has to do with the fertility of a woman. Men's brains are hard-wired to be attracted to the most fertile women. This is why we are attracted to younger women, usually in their reproductive prime. Even when men were attracted to heavier women in the 1700's, men were still more attracted to women with a certain hip width ratio that is best for giving birth. This is a subconscious attraction feature. We, as men, are going to be attracted to the women our brain sees as the best mate to carry on our genes. Are Dominant, Attractive Men Better In Bed?

While men are attracted to symmetry (subconscious), beauty, motherly instincts (subconscious), age and fertility (subconscious), women are attracted to traits like self confidence, leader of other men (subconscious), protector of loved ones, and men who other women are obviously attracted to (subconscious). Overcoming your limiting beliefs will propel you into success in all aspects of your life. Most of my clients notice once they have there dating/love life under control, the rest of their life seems to fall into place.

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