Focus On What You Have Control Over


How to focus on things you have control over in the work environment to be more productive.

When we think about increasing productivity, generally our thoughts gravitate towards managing our time more effectively. While time management certainly is one integral part of increasing productivity, all too often the work environment is ignored.

Regardless of the location of your workplace, there are aspects that may be controlled to decrease distractions. Though there are certain things that simply cannot be controlled, focus on that which is in your control and you’ll be on your way to a more joyful work environment.

If external noise is an issue, consider investing in a pair of quality noise-canceling headphones. Listen to your favorite music, a white noise CD, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. Only you know how you work best. Sometimes I crank up the speakers, and sometimes (particularly when I am writing) I need silence. Consider what kind of audio backgrounds suit you best for your tasks.

Ensure that you are comfortable- but not so comfortable that you risk falling asleep! Anyone that works at a computer for a significant amount of time should also consider wrist braces to provide additional support and help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Just about every office product is now available in an ergonomic option. From chairs to keyboards, these are all designed to prevent any undue stress on any body part, eliminating the associated distraction. Little things like raising the height of your computer screen could also help cut down on neck strain.

Eliminate the clutter. A board full of post-it notes is not only unattractive but also can lead to frustration when looking for a specific notation. Organize your notes in a notebook, smartphone app, or computer program. When sitting in your work space, you want to be inspired. For instance, a study from Texas A&M indicated that the presence of flowers and plants in the work environment increased innovative thoughts in both men and women.

Focus on what you are able to control and take these seemingly simple actions. You not only will see an increase in your productivity- you’ll also find your body feels more limber and enjoy an increased personal satisfaction with your work!

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