How Much Time Do You Waste HATING What You Do?


Let's break down the amount of time you waste at work, shall we?

Ladies -

It’s time for some tough math.  And by tough math, I mean math that is hard to take in because it is painful to realize.  And for me personally, I mean math that is hard to do (I can no longer figure out how to turn my 15 year old graphing calculator on…)

Ok, so you are a dedicated and successful career professional.  You obviously do great work, and because of that, you try and go the extra mile.

So, let’s break it down, shall we?

1. You spend 40 hours per week working as a salaried employee.  Total: 40 hours

2. You spend an extra 10 to 20 hours per week working overtime because you care about doing a good job. Total: 20 hours

3. You spend what? One hour per day commuting to this job? Total: 5 hours

4. You spend 30 minutes per day being worried about or frustrated by this job. Total: 2.5 hours

Total: 67.5 hours per week doing something you do not love (conservative estimate). Or, 3,3075 HOURS PER YEAR doing something you do not love.

What else could you do with 3000  hours of time?

1. Learn how to become a helicopter pilot

2. Become fluent in any language

3. Get a third of the way to mastery of any subject

4. Take up tango dancing and deep sea fishing (not at the same time).

or maybe?

5. Love what you do.

I think you see my point. That is a lot of time wasted. So, what are you doing to do about it?

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