Do You Need a Career Detox?


Ladies, it's time to stop dreading coming back from vacation...

You find yourself spending all of your free work moments planning your vacation.

You allocate more time to choosing a bathing suit (bikini!) than focusing on the report on your desk (financial statement... *sigh*)

And you count down the days till you can get out of the office and finally hit the beach.

Is this you?

If it is, maybe it's time to consider a career detox. If you dread Sunday night and you are terrified of coming back from vacation -- then you probably need to make a change in your career. 

And the first step? Admitting that you have a problem.  We've all been there, you sign up for what seems to be a great career, put your head down and get to work, and then wake up one day and think "what am I DOING??!!"

So, recognizing that you spend more of your time at work than anywhere else and you need to make a change? THAT is a great place to start.

Other steps for you to take:

1. Ask yourself this question: "If I were to die in three years, would I stay at this job?"

If the answer is "no" - then you know it is time to make some forward progress.

2. Next ask: "If I was to make a change, what would I do differently?" and see where that train of thought takes you.

3. Finally - figure out one tiny little teeny step that you can take to start to move forward.

Drinks with a friend to brainstorm? Going home and decluttering your old office to make a space to do something new? Signing up for a new class or hobby to expand your comfort zone? Or, you are always welcome to take my assessment and get some insight in under an hour on what exactly is holding you back (take it now if you do, before you go on vacation!).  Regardless of what you do, commit to doing something. SOMETHING new, exciting or different for yourself.  After all, you only live once, right?

And if you need more support, visit my website for some free gifts (yes, I said free!) to help you on your way.  You CAN do this.  More importantly, you DESERVE it.

Love your career so you love your life,