Are You Stuck in a Job Search Rut?


Looking for a job and burned out? Here's what to do.

You wake up tired. Go to bed tired, and feel frustrated all the time.  You need a new job, but are you really going about the job search in the right way? What are you doing that is making the most of your free time that doesn’t stress you out?

Here are some ideas to help get you off the couch and *mostly* effortlessly back into the game.

1. Network (cocktails approved!)

Networking can seem overwhelming and draining all at the same time. “I have to go make small talk with people I don’t know again? And ask them about work? My couch is waaay more comfortable than this.”  If you have ever thought this way (and trust me, you are not alone in your thinking!) I invite you to take a moment to reframe how you think about networking.  Instead of viewing networking as a chore or a “must-do” — put yourself in a situation that you actually enjoy.  Brainstorm job ideas with friends over dinner, join a new meet-up that is fun or relevant to your job field, or go to a charity happy hour or something that sounds meaningful to you.  It can be hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but engaging with people and doing something new can often give you a great idea or contact in your job search process. Plus, you’ll keep your momentum, and get OFF of your couch.

2. Use the Right Ask

Ok, so you are a man about town and your networking is now flawless. But there is one crucial mistake: instead of telling people you are job searching, tell them very specifically WHAT type of job you are searching for and in what kind of field.  “I need a new job” is very different from “I am looking for a new job as a HR manager in a small start-up firm. I would love to work somewhere that I can help shape. Do you know of anyone hiring?”  The detail of your ask paints a picture to your network — they can then see who they should connect you to and help accordingly, versus blindly trying to introduce you to people. Being specific will help make your job search time much shorter, and keep you from falling into a rut.

3. Give Yourself Some Boundaries

The job search can subsume us at times.  You get so wrapped up in trying to find a job (and I realize that the need for a paycheck can play a huge and real burden in any job search) that you burn out and lose faith.  So – if you find yourself feeling hopeless, try to create some boundaries on your time.  Focus your job search to certain blocks of time or days of the week, and always allow yourself a few hours to just relax and de-stress.  It may seem counter-intutitive, but if you burn out or lose hope your job search time expands, rather than contracts.

You are not alone in this, AND you can do it. Good luck!


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