Let's ReInvent the Status Quo - Part I


What does it take to actually make a change? Here's how do you do it step by step? Ready, set, GO!

You are tired of getting up every morning, going to the same old job, driving the same old roads, coming home to the same set of responsibilities you have, going to bed tired.
You genuinely think there must be MORE than this. You desire a change, but don’t know how.

You are stuck in the Status Quo … the same old, same old. Please don’t be offended. We all do that at times in our life. We are stuck because we feel we MUST stay where we are. We can’t leave our jobs because we need the insurance and the money and what if there isn’t another one out there? We stay in the places we live because they’re affordable and we don’t think we can have it nicer. And, we stay in our relationships because there might not be someone else out there.

I understand. But, what if you could move beyond these stuck points? What if things could be different? What would it take for you to have the courage to create change?

Say let’s roll up our sleeves and take a peek into a process that would help. These are the first three steps. I’ll write Part II soon.

Step One: Stop doing what you no longer want to do.
Take an inventory of what’s NOT working in your life. Be complete in this assessment.
Make a list of all areas of your life, like: career, living situation, relationships, health, family, spirituality, volunteer efforts … every area. Then, under each area, list what’s NOT working in those areas. Consider that what’s not working might be: I’m not challenged enough, I’m not appreciated enough, I’m bored, I’m not feeling well.  TELL the TRUTH. You don’t have to share this with anyone .. so just be honest with yourself.

Take a deep breath. You’ve done a lot already. It’s tough to really take a deep look and admit difficult things. It’s so much easier to “pretend” that all is well. But the cost is great. When you are in the status quo … it costs your sense of “aliveness” and happiness, often your health, your sense of self-esteem, and sometimes your relationships.

Step Two: Start doing what you DO want to do.
Now, make a list of what you really WANT to be doing with your life. Let yourself dream here. Again, really tell the truth. Perhaps it would help to think back to your graduation day from high school or college and remember your dreams … who did you think you would be? What did you think you’d accomplish? Remember. And, think about others who might be doing what you want to do.

Make that list. Be very specific. Remember that if you can’t think it or imagine it, then it’s unlikely you will be able to do it.

If you feel comfortable talking to someone about this, please do. Also, ask those close to you about what you’ve said to them about what you’d like to do someday. We sometimes bury those dreams and can’t even remember them because we are stuck. Look and see if there items to add to your list.

Okay, good job.
Step Three: Never, ever, ever let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.
Make a list of  a) what people have told you NOT to do. In other words, did you want to go to law school or travel the world and others told you it was a bad idea and you didn’t do it. Put on your thinking cap and remember such instances.
b) what have people told you that you SHOULD do … like take over the family business, have more kids than you wanted, major in a specific field (like the same one as your Dad or Mom).
In both cases here, be very honest. When we give in to the will of others and we don’t follow our own desires we suffer for it. It eats us up inside.

So now you’ve done Steps One, Two and Three of a 7 1/2 ReInvention process. I’ll cover the next steps in future articles. I’m here for you if you have questions or concerns.
Good luck with the process.

Your life is waiting for you!