The Final Step


Go Beyond where you've never gone before -- take on what's next ... the last step to REInvent

If you’ve read my previous articles on Reinvention, you know I’ve developed a 7 ½ step process to take you there.

You can review these on my Your Tango expert page.

But, I won’t keep you waiting. Here’s the final step: 

                           Take on One new risk that scares you.

Perhaps this is funny as a ½ step when in reality it’s probably the largest step of all. But thinking about it as a ½ step will minimize your fear about it and maybe make you laugh.

So here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself:
1. Is there something swirling around inside my head that I’ve thought about doing for a long time, but never acted upon?
2. If time or money weren’t a concern, what would I just LOVE to do, or be or have?


You know, we often keep our deepest desires locked up inside our heads someplace, fearful about letting them out. We are afraid others will try to dissuade us or mock us. We have anxiety about our ability to take on something new and different. It’s much easier to remain in the status quo – I mean, it’s so  reliable. We worry that we could starve or become homeless if we jump into something untried or new.

These are all important considerations. But, how about if you counter those thoughts with these:

• If you only go around once in this lifetime, don’t you want it to be the BEST possible life?
• Wouldn’t life out here on the skinny branches be better than settling into mediocrity and feeling unfulfilled?
• Who says risks are impractical? Perhaps reframe risk into just more, better or different.

So, now the ball is in your court. You have 7 ½ steps to really re-energize, re-purpose or re-invent your life. If anything stops you, it will be YOU. You jumpt for that trapeze ... and it will be there to catch you.  And, lastly ... when you take a risk and achieve it, it's the most liberating feeling you can imagine.

If you need help, can’t quite do this on your own, you can utilize my expertise to help.

Go forth and conquer the world.