Wondering Where to Meet Singles?

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Looking for new places to meet singles? Check out this list for places to mingle.

Not into the club scene and wondering where to meet single men and women? Then follow some of these tips:

Get active - Ten most popular sports are: fitness walking 39%, swimming 32%, billiards 25%, bowling 21%, weight training 20%, basketball 18%, running 16%, fishing 15%, camping 15%, using cardio machines 14%.

Go out to eat - Singles are more likely to eat at restaurants with friends or co-workers. They are 2x as likely to have dinner with family or friends at a restaurant and 3x as likely to do so at a fast-food restaurant. If you are a parent, take your kids to fast-food restaurants on Wednesdays and weekends.

Take in events - Singles are more likely than married individuals to go to concerts (33% vs. 26% in the past year) or go to comedy clubs (12% vs. 8%)

Get involved - Singles are less likely to belong to groups or clubs than married people. The only exceptions are school or college boards, environmental organizations and human rights groups.


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