Speak Fluent Body Language On Your Next Date

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Learn how to speak the art of body language from Dating Expert, Telina McCord

Your Arms and Hands

Some women like to cross their arms in front of their chest because they think it's comfortable. They just do it unconsciously. Watch this. If you cross your arms, or hold your drink high in front of you this depicts that you could not care less. Do not clench your hands on a date. In fact keep your hands open and calm. If you want to let him know that you find him attractive, subtly touch his hand or brush something off his shirt that doesn't exist.


You don't have to have a Hollywood Colgate smile to come across as a sexy and fascinating woman. Any smile is highly infectious and a smile indicates that you are a warm and friendly person. Most men prefer to be around a woman who makes them feel good. Make sure you smile throughout your date but be careful not to over do your smile. You don't want to look like you are trying to pose for a non existent paparazzi while on your date.

The Smile and Eye Trick

In order to create a slight sexual tension in the atmosphere, look him in the eyes and then do a sultry sexy smile but do not open your mouth. This has you playing flirtatious, and the closed mouth has him curious as to what you are thinking. This will make him try even harder to win you over.

With these tips you are bound to get that second date. Well, that is if you want it.

Contributed by Telina McCord, MatchMaster & Dating Expert, http://www.findyourplusone.com

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