Speak Fluent Body Language On Your Next Date

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Learn how to speak the art of body language from Dating Expert, Telina McCord

The body language that you convey on a date is crucial in obtaining that second date. Moving on to date number two will require more than your dazzling personality, or the sexy little black dress you wear. Your body language says a great deal about who you are and if you are even attracted to the man sitting across from you. It says more than the words you speak or the tone in your voice, and it really works to your advantage. If performed correctly, not only will you appear to be more attractive, you will also have that "je ne sais quoi" about you. When you come across as a confident, alluring woman there is no reason your date won't be calling you up again.

In Your Eyes

How many love songs are composed about the look in the eyes. There is a reason for that. Your eyes can be an open book showing the empowered woman that you are. They can also create a subliminal seduction that lures your date towards you like a magnet. Seducing your date with your eyes must be done covertly or else your date might think there is something in your eye or that you put too much mascara on. When your date is talking, look him in the eyes to show you value what he has to say. Don't stare or else he might think you have suddenly become possessed. By giving him that couple of seconds and not looking around to see what else is going on, makes you someone he wants to be with. He will feel he can talk to you because you are actually looking at him, and therefore listening to what he has to say.


Unless you are a prima ballerina or a diligent flamenco dancer, in most cases, unintentionally, we slouch. Standing tall with your shoulders back not only shows poise and confidence, but that you are inviting conversation and you are someone who he would like to take out again. Slightly tilting your head with your chest forward shows interest. Be careful with this one, especially if you are wearing a low cut top. You don't want to put your chest too forward because then all he is going to do is look at your breasts. Do not be surprised if this happens. You obviously chose your attire for a reason. You are savvy enough to know that he is a man, and he will look.

The Toes Tell All

Toes may not seem like much but where they point is where your date wants to be. When you are talking, keep your feet pointed towards him. Again, this shows him that he is the only one you care to talk to in the room. Also note, watch his feet. If they are pointed towards you, that is a good sign that things are going well. If they are pointed in the opposite direction, check around you for some hot woman luring in the background. You might not be the only person your date is interested in.

Overly Flirtatious Body Language

Use caution with this one. Many women are natural flirts. It's in their blood and they can't help it. If you tease him and your gestures are more promiscuous, (licking or sucking your fingers during dinner, or better yet playing 'footsie' a little too high), don't act shocked when he expects more at the end of the date then you are willing to give.

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