Sex, Love, Magic & Football


Four things I learned about dating while watching the commercials during the Ravens & 49ers game.

As exciting as it was watching the Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers for the Super Bowl title, one of the better parts of the game was watching the commercials. They say sex sells and this years collection of ads proved the saying to be true. Spotlighting The Big Easy's allure of sex, love and magic - here's four things I learned about dating from watching the game. 

  1. Nerds love supermodels. The GoDaddy spot featuring Bar Rafaeli making out with a computer nerd may have made your stomach queasy, but it definitely gave quite a few young Internet jockeys around the country a bit of hope, wondering, "If he can play tongue hockey with a Victoria's Secret Angel, why can't I?" And the truth is, why can't supermodels date average joes? It's about chemistry and connection. Love doesn't have eyesight. It's a feeling. And if the heart wants what it wants, who's to say an up and coming Gisele Bundchen type and the next Mark Zuckerburg don't have as much of a chance together as the rest of us? 
  2. Women are more powerful than Voodoo priests. Stevie Wonder may have been cast as an almighty Voodoo priest conjuring up magic in two New Orleans' themed Budweiser commercials, but it was the beautiful Zoe Saldana who perfected the spell. Kaley Cuoco, the Rav4 Genie, granted wishes for a family in a Toyota commercial. Beauty, charm and seduction proved what (straight) men have known for years - women are spellbinding. If you are looking to make magic happen, turn to a woman to get the job done. 
  3. Beauty has a price. And according to Mercedes, that price is over $30,000. Usher and Kate Upton tempted and teased a prospective car buyer with glitz and glamour. Unfortunately for the devil writing the contract, the buyer felt he could afford the car without selling his soul. The takeway - know your self worth. The devil's in the details. 
  4. Age is relative. Apparently, those of us with relatives in senior retirement communities should check in on them more often. Taco Bell has us believing that while we may think our grandparents are playing bridge, they may actually be out past midnight bunjee jumping off of a bridge. Late night drinking, taco eating and tattoo adventures are just a few of the activities that these 'youngens' are up to, proving that - like love - youth is eternal. 

Contributed by Kimberly James, Dating Expert & MatchMaster,