What To Expect When Dating Foreign Men


Tips on how to dating someone from another country, no passport required.

5. Italian. These men love to feed you. You could feel bloated and big but an Italian man will still tell you that you're bella and offer you pasta. Italians will take a girl out for a meal, but be wary. As much as they love the chat, they are expecting a production in the bedroom after the final cannoli. There is no such thing as a free meal. Be sure to pack condoms.

They love getting to know a woman's body. It's in their blood. They compliment a woman easily and lavish her with attention indiscriminately, and at any given moment. Also to note, they are mama's boys. If you two end up moving in together, he will either continue to take their laundry to their mother or ask you to do it.

6. Aussie and Kiwi. "Bros before ho's" is the motto for these gents. Football and friends are their priority, and these men are always up for a good time. They have most likely travelled the world with nothing but a toothbrush and a surfboard. They are fun and fearless. They can regale you with stories that chill your spine. As intriguing as this may sound, use caution. Especially if dating one who is in between pit stops. These men are abroad for a reason. You might not be the only girly who is 'rocking their world.'

7. German. They are smart, focused and career-oriented, but not terribly affectionate. They do have a great follow-through and are prompt. They are not rushing into marriage, so it is comfortable for them to live with a partner with no huge future commitment. Their English may seem harsh, but their English is exceptionally good English.

8. Latin Men. Boisterous and sexually attentive, they can dance with an amazing rhythm and make you their leading lady. Many of them are excellent cooks. To keep him yours, be willing to go out at any hour of the night or you will be replaced.

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