Why Living Healthy Helps Your Dating Life

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Learn how living a healthy lifestyle can lead to a healthy dating life.

Stepping out on the dating field can stir a range of emotions from exhilaration to anxiety, and every emotion in between. One effective way for dealing with whatever feelings come up is to feel great about yourself … both emotionally and physically. Here are three steps to help you put your best foot forward, feel confident and achieve optimal health.

1. Be active. Exercise not only helps you look good, it also increases your energy, strengthens your immune system and according to studies, helps you cope better with stress and anxiety. Exercise is a win-win situation for your looks and your self-esteem. Find activities that you love doing — sticking to an exercise regime you don't enjoy is tough and typically unsuccessful. All activities that get your heart rate up and push your muscles are benefiting you. Talk to a fitness coach to identify the best routine for your lifestyle, interests and goals and at a minimum, live actively, get outdoors more and move that amazing body.

2. Be aware of what your body needs. Nutrient-dense, whole foods provide your body with the vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (yes, you do need some fats), fiber and anti-oxidants (these protect against cell damage and lower cancer risk) to keep your bodily systems in top shape. Proper nutrition is a must for healthy-looking hair and skin, stable moods, maintaining a healthy weight and feeling energetic. Following a diet that contains plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains (whole wheat products, brown rice, quinoa, oats), low-fat calcium foods, legumes, nuts/seeds and lean protein (sources like fish, chicken and turkey) will give you the nutrition you need to stay vital. Dedicating 80% to 90% of your diet to these excellent foods allows you to cope better with the other 10% to 20% processed or "treat" foods.

It is important to mention that long-term use of high-sugar foods (pastries, sweets, white breads — white flour goes into your bloodstream almost as fast as straight sugar) can increase moodiness, fat storage and your risk of diabetes, so keep these to a minimum.

3. Be kind to yourself. Love who you are today and accept your imperfections. There is nothing more attractive than meeting someone who is confident and comfortable in their skin. Dating can come with feelings of disappointment and rejection. Take these in stride by reminding yourself that the right person for you is the best person for you. Learn from relationships that don't work out (there is always room for emotional maturing), and then move forward so you can find someone who loves you for who you are right now.

Contributed by Kerry Crouchman for FindYourPlusOne.com powered by eMatchopolis. Kerry is a registered holistic nutritionist and focuses her practice on helping clients reach their unique nutritional and wellness goals in a practical manner. More articles about health and nutrition can be found at www.ottawavalleynutrition.ca.

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