Going Crazy Wondering If He's Cheating?

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You may be saying 'I've got a feeling' but there's ways to know for sure if he is cheating on you.

I am not a doctor but through my extensive experience in dating I have learned a lot about the male species. The good, the bad, and the downright dirty and wrong. Here are my tips of how to know when your boyfriend is cheating.

1. You stopped getting intimate. If your man isn't getting it from you (unless you are both extremely religious), he is getting it from somewhere else. Don't trust him if he consistently says he's tired or not in the mood.

2. Watch out for Sundays. If he has been cheating on you over the weekend he will feel especially bad on a Sunday and even more attentive towards you. Like a puppy, he feels bad. He is also exhausted because most likely he was drunk when he committed the foul act.

3. He can't look at you directly in the eyes. "How was the business trip?" He stares down at the floor sheepishly answering "Oh, the same as always."

4. He chooses to go on trips with his friends and you're never included. It's normal to have a vacation with friends, but if you are never invited, something else is going on.

5. He says he'll call later and doesn't. Or text. When men are bringing a new girl home, they are not taking the time to go in the toilet and call you. Again, he has one thing on his mind.

6. For the last couple of days, you are only receiving texts and verbal communication is lost. You have to wonder why you don't get to hear his voice.

7. When his friends see you, they look like they feel sorry for you. You're out with 'the gang' and you can feel something is not right. By looking at their faces they know something you do not. Go with your intuition because when his other friends are being extra nice, they could be doing it out of guilt.

8. When he gets a phone call he suddenly has to run into the other room. A good boyfriend should be able to talk on the phone in front of his girlfriend. Unless he is surprising you with a romantic weekend away do not trust the "oh this is an important call, I'll be right back" bit.

9. Your phone calls diminish. He say's he's been so busy that he hasn't had time to call. As women, we don't care if the phone call is only for 30 seconds. At least we received a call.

10. There are certain places you never go as a couple anymore. You suggest a bar you two used to frequent, and all of a sudden he doesn't like it.

11. Normally he gives you three daisies and a dandelion. But against all expectations he's suddenly walked in holding out a shrubbery of rare flowers! There is no special occasion. Beware, it is a guilt gift. It's big only so that he can hide that hang dog expression behind those interflora petals.

12. Drink sharing. Unless he has been best friends with this person, be wary when another women is a little 'too' comfortable and nonchalantly picks up his drink to have a sip.

These indications mentioned above often occur in combinations together. Be aware of situations like this and don't hesitate to ask questions. Stay alert and watch for the signals.

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