Four Places To Get Lucky this St. Patrick's Day


Looking for love? Get pinched by the luck of the Irish and strike gold!

St. Patrick's Day is notorious for green beer, corned beef and hash and cabbage. A mix between New Year's Eve indulgence and Mardi Gras fun, St. Patty's (or St. Paddy's) Day is more known for parties and festivities rather than for its cultural and Christian origins.

You don't need to wait to find a four leaf clover to meet someone. Let the lucky leprechaun help you find love this festive weekend. Put on your best shade of green and join in on the fun. It's the one time of the year we are all Irish! 

The festivities are not limited to Sunday, March 17th. Festivities have already begun kicking off in cities across the country. Here are four fun places to celebrate. Remember - wear green or risk getting pinched - which could be a good thing depending on who's doing the pinching! 

  • St. Patrick's Day Parade - Almost every major city will have a parade this weekend to celebrate. Grab your girlfriends and join in on the fun. Wear your green beads with pride. Unless you are in New Orleans, you won't even have to flash to get the beads!
  • Irish Pubs - This is a no brainer. Any Irish pub worth its grain of salt it will be seasoning the corned beef hash with will have a festivity of some sorts. In some cities, the parties kick off as early as today. The men will be here. Guarantee it! 
  • Live Music - Check your local listings for Irish bands or Celtic bands playing in your area. You would be suprised how many U2 cover bands there are. This is a good time to "rock out with your green sock out"!
  • Whiskey Tasting - Nothing comes between an Irishman and his whiskey. Seriously. Check out a whiskey tasting and learn more about their native spirit. It's a great social event and a fun way to meet new people. 

If this is your first foray with the Irish, be forewarned. Some people tend to take this weekend as a pass to get green beer wasted! Have fun and expect a big party wherever you go. And if you meet someone cute and want to take it to the next level, simply say "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" He may be your lucky charm and you might have found your pot of (relationship) gold.

Contributed by Kimberly James, Founder, MatchMaster & Dating Expert,