Get A Head Start On The Weekend & RSVP To Love

Buzz, Love

Another weekend will be here before you know it. Don't waste it away sitting home alone!

Are you one of those people? You know the type. The one who roars every Sunday night, "This is the LAST weekend I am sitting home alone." And then, Friday rolls around again and there you are sitting on the sofa with your remote, surfing through your recorded DVR shows, wearing your fluffy slippers.   

Don't let another weekend pass you by. There's an entire singles community looking for love. Make plans now to join others in the search for love. Take the bull by the horns and RSVP to Find Love or at least someone to LIKE this weekend:

  1. Join a local singles group. There are hundreds of free groups on that have events every week. Find something that floats your boat. Hiking? Speed dating? Underwater basket weaving? There's (probably) a group for that. 
  2. Girl's Night Out - Call up a friend or two and plan a girl's night out. Go out for happy hour. Go to ANY sports bar and watch a game - hockey, basketball or Sunday's Super Bowl game. This is a prime weekend for the men to be out in droves. If you want to fish, go where the fish, or in this case, men are.
  3. Go social. Update your online dating profile. Switch up your Facebook pictures. Get chirping with Twitter. Spend some time giving your online identity a facelift. Take new pictures and upload to your accounts. A few nice comments from your network might just brighten your day and give you a little boost to get out there - in life. 
  4. Try something new. Subscribe to a group couponing site and try something new. Take a Crossfit class. Go to a painting party. Sip wine at a wine event. Choose an activity that is group related so you have a better chance of meeting people. You've spent the entire week being a Party of One.    

Fill up your social calendar early so you have time to sort out what to wear, who you will be going with and what you plan to do. Don't wait until the weekend to think about making plans. Get off the sofa - and get into your social life.

Contributed by Kimberly James, MatchMaster & Dating Expert,