Fight the Green Eyed Monster with These Five Simple Tips

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The grass won't be greener on the other side if you spend more time watering your own lawn.

Jealousy can get the best of anyone. It can creep up when least expected. Triggered by seeing photos of a boyfriend’s former lover with amazing hair and a perfect figure, a neighbor pulling up in the driveway with a shiny new car or a best friend who arrives for a dinner date carrying a ‘too die for’ handbag. Being envious of what another has can easily create feelings of low self worth, inadequate finances or even question one’s own personal beauty.  Rather than be miserable from what another possesses, jealousy can be used for motivation and inspiration by following these five simple tips.

  • Don’t Hate; Appreciate. Congratulate others on their successes, appearance or well-being. Being happy for someone else may not be easy but it creates a more harmonious relationship. Showing appreciation is another way to show love. It is a happy feeling. It has been proven that being happy is good for the heart. It’s difficult to hate when feelings of love are in the way.
  • Count Your Blessings. When the green eyed monster arises, immediately count ten things to be thankful for – one for each finger. Showing gratitude now brings more things to be thankful for later. Don’t negate another person’s blessings. Be mindful of what life has already provided and have confidence that more blessings are in store.
  • Be Inspired.  Create a vision board to set as goals to reach. There isn’t a shortage of items in the world. There will always be cars, houses and trips available and within reach. Make it something worth working towards having. If a relationship is on the wish list, make the effort to find love. Create a plan for each item on the vision board. Set timelines and do the work to make it happen.
  • Embrace YOU-niqueness. The human race was not made to be replicas of Gisele Bundchen or Mila Kunis. Embrace the uniqueness of the body, soul and mind. Following a clean lifestyle will help to generate the best results. Strive to be healthy rather than being someone else.  Having low self-esteem can create depression, anxiety and other health concerns. Rather than fight it, work with what was given. Exercise, proper diet (not dieting!) and good sleep are the simple basics for being beautiful.
  • Acceptance. Rather than finding flaws in a situation that creates jealousy, accept that another person’s path is completely different and unrelated. It is smarter to let life unfold as it is intended. The things and experiences that are meant to bring joy and happiness will arrive in life when it is time.  If everything was available for the now, there would not be anything to be excited for in the future.

Contributed by Kimberly James, Dating Site Owner & Dating Expert,