3 Ways To Date Like A Man

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Read on to learn how to act like a lady and date like a man.

Are you tired of men playing games in the dating world? Well I say, "If you can't beat them at their own game, join them." Sometimes the best way to land a man is by giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Let's take a look at three ways you can learn to date more like a man:

1. Put yourself first. In the beginning stages of getting to know each other, guys don't usually go out of their way to wait on women hand-and-foot. They tend to look out for themselves first. On the other hand, many women are nurturers by nature.

Women's first instincts are to do nice things for men and to take care of them hoping to show guys what great wives they will make one day. This is a big mistake. Acting like a guy's maid or mother early in the relationship will result in him expecting you to keep up the doting girlfriend role. The best way to get a man to respect you is by finding a balance between showing you are generous but also independent. It's okay to show a kind side, just not all the time.

2. Drama free is the way to be. In the early stages of a relationship, guys tend to keep their problems to themseleves. They don't feel the need to let women know every little emotion they are feeling, sometimes to a fault. Women can take a page from this and leave some of the drama behind.

When enough time has passed, it is okay to vent every once in a while. Doing so is a sign of a healthy relationship with open communication. But again, there is a time and place for bringing drama to the relationship. When women start out the courtship with constant complaining and drama, men will look elsewhere for someone who isn't a constant downer.

3. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Many women will meet a guy they like, become convinced he is the one and focus solely on trying to form a relationship with that person. They start ignoring all of their other options and become dedicated to this one guy. Keep reading ...

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