Book Your Ticket For A Spring Break Fling


Schedule that bikini wax appointment, get a mani-pedi and apply for a passport. Destination: Singles

The winter has given a majority of the country quite a beating. Snowstorms, rain floods and ice have battered cities from Los Angeles to New York, even causing the postal service to throw out the rule of "Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we delivery your mail!" 

If you are suffering from cabin fever, now is a great time to round up a few of your single girlfriends and plan a little vacay. Can't find anyone to go? Don't let that be an excuse not to get away. There's options for singles who are traveling alone, too. 

Planning your trip is key to your singleness. Sure, you may be dying to take a spin on the teacups at Disneyland, but why spend time around families and couples in love? And you may want to make the most of this time with the girls, but you can do that at home with spa dates, movie nights and cocktails. Your spring break should resemble some of the fun and heyday you experienced, or wished you had, in college. 

There are benefits to singles travel groups. Everyone on the trip is single and looking to have fun or find a relationship. The environment is more relaxed because you don't have to worry about striking up a conversation with someone and their spouse is in the bathroom. Singles trips can also be more economical because the group is sharing the expense. 

There are many groups that offer singles travel vacations. Financially, some of the best options available are all-inclusive vacations that cover your housing, food and some activities. You can travel to the Caribbean, Mexico or even take a cruise. A search on Google will provide you ample results to chooose from or visit a travel agent for more information. 

Spring break doesn't have to be regulated to students and families. You deserve a break, too. Schedule a singles adventure and your favorite souvenir just might be finding your plus one.