Are You On A Pursuit Of Happiness?


How determined are you to be happy? Does it come easy for you? Do you need a little daily push?

To what lengths would you go to be happy? Would you be willing to create a diary, track your progress and chart its growth? One person has. Artistically creative and equally brilliant graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister has invested a decade in purposefully increasing happiness in his life. This work is now a work of art known as The Happy Show.

Combining self research of using mediation, therapy and mind altering drugs, Sagemeister has created a work of art that embodies his personal experiences during his pursuit of happiness. 

Happiness is an elusive topic. What makes one person happy, could bring little to no emotion to another. Happiness is subjective and personal. There is not one item that collectively brings everyone joy. Although you can have moments and lengthy periods of bliss in love, at work or with family, to remain in a heightened sense of happiness can take work and effort. 

What brings you joy? What makes you happy? Are you easily motivated to be happy? From Buddha to the Dalai Lama to Oprah, we have been consistantly told that happiness is the way, happiness is from our own actions and happiness is gratitude. 

Without spending ten years searching for happiness, there are ways to begin to be happy now. A dear colleague of mine would often say, "Don't postpone joy." In the ten years we worked together, it was that constant reminder that inspired me to live (almost) every day rather than exist.  Waiting for tomorrow to be happy seems like a waste of the twenty-four hours that I have been given today. 

Searching the Internet, there are thousands and thousands of web sites, Pinterest boards, Tumblr accounts and Facebook pages dedicated to quotes about happiness. The motivation is out there to help anyone find their inner happy. 

How determined are you to be happy? Does it come easy for you? Do you need a little daily push? Or do you just seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed every morning?

You can find happiness anywhere you decide to see it. It can be joy from the sunrise, bliss from hearing your name being said by a loved one or simply smiling at a stranger and seeing them smile back. 

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