What It Takes To Be A Great Girlfriend

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Fifteen tips to make him glad he's all yours.

11. Keep him on his toes with surprises. You can leave a sweet note in his jacket or under his pillow. Maybe you know he has a hard day ahead and you order his favorite take-out to be sent to his work.

12. Motivate your man. Your enthusiasm and passion to drive him to fulfill his goals will make him realize that not only are you independent but someone he wants to wake up to everyday.

13. Learn his language. When he's thirsty, he's thirsty. When he says "yes" he means "yes" and not "no." When he says he's hungry, well you better get some food in his stomach soon. Also note men don't like to walk around when they are hungry looking for a restaurant as us women will do.

14. Do not try to change him. Trying to create this ideal image of the perfect man is not only going to create a strain on you but also on him. He is who he is. Take it or leave it.

15. Don't get drunk and out of control. As fun as you may have with your friends at times, men don't like to see their girlfriends trashed. 

The benefit of being a fantastic girlfriend is you can teach by example. If your boyfriend is loving and caring, he will reciprocate your actions and be a fantastic boyfriend, too. 

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