What It Takes To Be A Great Girlfriend

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Fifteen tips to make him glad he's all yours.

5. Stock your fridge with beer. Never run out of beer when he comes to see you. A mediocre girlfriend will go out and buy beer once he comes over, but a fantastic girlfriend will have the beer already waiting. 

6. Keep making the effort. Even if you two have been together for a year, don't start dressing like a slob and all of a sudden put on an abundance of weight. Of course women can tend to yo-yo, especially after the holidays, but if you gain too much — as superficial as it sounds — he is not going to be happy.

Try to maintain the way you were when you met him. Or better yourself because you are so happy to be with this man that you love to look good for him. Dress up at least once in a while. He will be pleasantly surprised and turned on!

7. Appreciate his effort. Never assume or expect. If his gestures aren't up to your standards, remember those are your expectations and not his. If he brings you a dozen roses but you prefer tulips, be gracious in the moment. Find another time to let him know what your flower of choice is. 

8. Respect his personal time. There are times when a man comes home in a bad mood and does not want to talk. Do not push him. Simply ask if anything is wrong. If he says he is fine and just wants to watch football, leave him be. When he wants to talk he will and all you have to do is listen.  

9. Wake up with a smile. Men love a positive woman they can wake up to in the morning with the glass being half full instead of half empty. What will score you more points is to let him lie in while you make breakfast or serve him coffee in bed. 

10. Remember: Sex is important. I could not talk about my experience in dating without bringing up the sexual part, too. Sex is not the most important of a relationship, but it sure can be important. When your relationship is comfortable, you do not need to be shy in the sack. Be comfortable with your body. He obviously loves you for the way you are and doesn't want to date anyone else. Keep the lights on and don't hide your bulge if you have one. You are feminine. Keep reading ...

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