Single? RSVP To Love This Valentines Day

single on vday

Don't dread Valentines Day because you're single. Start the search now to find your plus one.

Valentines Day has long been the holiday with dual fan clubs. There are those who embrace the day, celebrate it to the fullest and believe Cupid truly exists. And then there are those who find it to be a "Hallmark" created holiday and a personal afront to those who are not in a relationship. 

If you are a member of the latter school of thought, your reasoning could be based simply on being single. With multiple reminders of coupling up, it can be annoying, irritating and simply frustrating to be reminded that on this one day of the year, the love day of the year — you are solo. 

If you are single and ready to be a part of the world of "table for two," take these steps to RSVP to love and find your plus one. 

1. Sign up for speed dating. Try a local speed dating event in your town. Attend ones close to your home and even ones across town. Varying your options of locations to go to an event will widen your dating zip code.  

2. Try online dating. It is time. Online dating is an acceptable and easy way to browse, shop and select partners you find interesting. Choose sites that offer safety features and match your personality. Many sites offer free memberships or trial weekends. Give it a try. If you don't like it, simply delete. Keep reading ...

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