Online Dating 101


Introduction tips and advice for newbies considering online dating

Although a highly recognized practice of finding a partner for a relationship, online dating is still a new arena for many. If you have decided to give online dating a try, here are a few starter tips to help with getting started.

1. Identity Crisis – Creating an online profile poses a lot of various easy to answer questions such as your name, gender and age. However, it also challenges you to put forth a clear and concise understanding of who you are in limited characters. Similar to Twitter, you are attempting to condense who you are and what you like in a few paragraphs and a clever tagline. “Must Love Dogs” may be easy to decipher, but what if your interest is less mainstream such as the Ancient Art of Knife Throwing. “Must Love Knives” may not attract the type of people you are looking to connect with for a date.

When building your profile, use the rule of fives. Think of five of your favorites – hobbies, books, movies, places to eat, tv shows or travel destinations. Use this list as your basis to create your profile, headline and answer the About You questions. Being honest about who you are and the things you like increases the chances of finding a match.

2. Photo Finish – Although you only have one chance to make a first impression, luckily you have many chances to upload new and different pictures. Select a photo that is current and reflective of who you are now and not from your glory days of yesteryear. If you are a brunette now, don’t use a photo from your blonde period. 

By all means, avoid the over processed and underrepresented pictures of yourself. You do not need to rush down to the local photography studio and schedule a shoot. Use pictures that are relevant, timely and show who you are now. There will be plenty of time to take a stroll down memory lane once you have found your plus one, but for now, keep the photos up to date. When you meet in person, you will be the real deal and not a figment of a former self. 

3. Fill in the Blanks  - Build a complete profile. Answer all the questions, check the appropriate boxes and fill in all the blanks. Depending on the site, allow yourself at least thirty minutes to complete the profile process. The more information you provide about yourself and what you are looking for, the greater the chances the system can select partners for you to consider. 

Scientific intelligence programs are built into many online dating programs. uses eMatchology™Semantics which pulls data from your compatibility profile to find suitable matches. The more complete the profile, the better the match. Consider these technologies your scientific Cupid.

4. Go Hunting – Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened for you. Go fishing and catch a fish. In order to find your plus one, you have to do the research and explore your options. Search who’s out there and don’t judge the people you see online. Take the advice from test taking improvement courses: scan, discard, select, move on.

If you find someone of interest, send a message or an eFlirt™ and let them know.  You’re online to find someone to date, not to window shop. Make a connection and find your plus one.

Kimberly James is the Chief Love Officer, MatchMaster and Dating Expert for