Improve Your Dating Life By Increasing Your Social Network

Expand your social network to make new friends and increase the chance to Find Your Plus One

Being superbly singly until the right one comes along is a great move... but waiting for it to happen is not! In order to meet that right person you may need to change your habits. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

·    Flirt with someone new on a dating site like Men and women both should make it a habit to reach out to new people to expand their network. Don’t seek out perfection as you could be overlooking the right one because they didn’t package the perfect profile. In addition, even if is not the right one perhaps they may have a friend that is the right one or at worse you may just make a new friend. Let your singles network grow by emailing and flirting with other singles.

·      Change where you regularly go. Mix it up a bit and go to a different grocery store, gas station, gym, bar, etc. This will increase your exposure to new people and further help expand your network.

·      Host a singles house gathering. Have your single friends each bring one single friend  for a potluck dinner or for a drink before going out on the town.By inviting new friends to the group, you have a chance to meet a new friend or potential Plus One. 

·      Join social in-life networks such as to meet new people who share your interests.

By casting a wider net, you are not only expanding your social circles and increasing your chances of finding your Plus One, you are also opening yourself up to potentially making new friends.