Tips For Finding Success With An Online Dating Profile


Online dating profile tips to successfully find a Plus One.

About a decade ago, nobody would come out to openly admit that he/she is into online dating for fear that aspersions are casted on one’s characters. The entire thing was kept under wraps because it was thought of as a domain reserved only for the shy, the hopeless, and the socially inept. Time changed; the Internet bred so many online dating sites that evolved a totally whole new set of culture, norms, and etiquette of hooking up. These modern modes of blind dates and matchmaking made meeting of people like it is the most normal thing in social meet ups. Anyone who wants to make a good impression must therefore get into the culture and into some online dating tips.

Obviously, meeting or hooking up with an interested online dater is a different ballgame and there are certain rules to play to make sure that risks are minimized. You do not want to meet guys or gals who are out there for a different creepy reason. Meeting the unsuitable ones in terms of not being physically your type or with personal backgrounds that are not appealing for you is alright; you will the opportunity to screen or sort out the interesting daters. It is just like meeting people on blind dates; you’ll never know what or who will turn up. But, you can always take a pick and deal only with the ones you are interested in. What you would like to protect yourself against from are those who may have other unpleasant intents and at the same time attract suitable ones.

What are some of the sensible online dating tips that one must remember when meeting people online?

  1. Stick to quality over quantity online dating sites to ensure that the ones you are going to meet are serious about their intentions. There are a lot of risks that one may encounter while trying to meet people online. Most paying clients are apt to be sincere and dealing with those sites that have membership dues is generally safer than on those that offer free dating services.
  2. Write out of the ordinary and honest online dating profile to attract interested and interesting daters. There are guidelines and tips that you can use or service providers that you can tap to help you make your profile. The kind of profile you post will determine the kind of daters you will attract. Your intentions and the kind of daters you want to meet must be spelled out clearly.
  3. Post a picture that shows an honest version of who you are. Soliciting the opinion of a friend from the opposite sex can give you an idea how it comes to your future prospects. Do not post old pictures that try to impress others with young looks and lighter weight. Do not post obscene and weird pictures either. There are websites that can give you detailed pointers or photographers who can be paid to take your photo.
  4. It pays to be literate with what is and what is not cool to use in online dating sites. Avoid net speak, bad spelling and erroneous grammar as these are big turn-offs and make terrible first impression. Net speak are the most frequently used words that are shortened to make easy writing such as r (are), u (you), ya (yes), ur (your) and the likes. Furthermore, always capatlize your “I” when refering to yourself.
  5. Avoid use of physical compliments because these can come as being light or too physical. This renders the first meeting as being based on how one looks and not on the deeper substance of the person. For serious daters, this may come as a turn off. 

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