Are You In Love With A 'Catfish'?

Are You In Love With A 'Catfish'? [EXPERT]
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Take a cue from MTV's newest hit TV show and don't get duped by online love!

3. Don't ignore warnings. If there is constant resistance to meeting up, getting up or seeing each other in person — take this a bright crimson red flag. No one is that busy or that unavailable that they can't make time for someone they are interested in dating.

4. Use the Internet to your advantage. Skype is free and so are many other video services. FaceTime is on almost everyone's iPhone. Use these tools as a way to visually verify the person. If they have access to the computer to build a dating profile, they should have the ability to Skype.

5. Sign up with dating sites that offer verification services. Many online sites now are utilizing various levels of protection for their members to keep scammers and predators off the sites. FindYour offers DateGuard and SafeGuard as two features to offer members a safer way to date online.

When it comes to dating online, the two best tools you can depend on are instinct and common sense. If something feels wrong, discuss it with your friends. Get advice and talk to other people. If you feel that the stories don't make sense, ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable that the person you are speaking to is the real deal.