Date Outside the Box


Expand your playing field and try dating outside of the predetermined boxes.

When setting up an online profile, along with adding a knock-em-dead photo and writing an eye catching bio, part of the process is selecting what it is that you are looking for in a partner. Selections range from age, religion and child preference to hobbies, ethnicity and previous marital status. By selecting certain parameters, the selection pool narrows itself and available options are then shown to you.

However, there are certain boxes that may have been placed in your own mind that, although may not appear in the profile questionnaire, limit your options even further. If you have decided you will never date someone in the military, you have just excluded tens of millions of potential dating partners. If you have decided you won't date someone who is from another country, an entire geographic region has just been denied access to the chance of getting to know you.

When you begin dating, it's important to expand your options and be open to new situations and circumstances. This does not mean switching religions, although many successful relationships are the union of two different faiths. This means removing barriers or stereotypes that you may have about certain groups or opportunities. 

Do you not want to date someone in the military because you don't want to fall in love with someone who may be deployed for months or years? What if that person is your perfect match? Is the fear of distance greater than the chance of true love?

Do you not want to date someone from another country because of the distance? This is a fair concern, but if this person is your soul mate, wouldn't you both find a way to be together and eventually have the relationship you want.

There are fears and concerns in every scenario. Eliminating boxes doesn't elminate those fears. You can just as easily meet someone who travels 85% of the time for their job and is rarely in the same city as you. Excluding entire groups of people doesn't insure that your plus one is left in the remaining dating pool. 

Some boxes should be checked and some things are dealbreakers for determining if a match is possible. Take a chance and widen the field by removing a few mental blocks you may not even know you had checked.