30 Day Resolve Your Past Resolution Challenge

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Follow these three easy tips to release your past and welcome in your future

2013 is quickly approaching. In just a few days, it will be a new year and a new opportunity to start fresh again. Part of moving forward is letting go of the past that binds and confines you. As you begin to make resolutions and set goals, commit to removing blocks and obstacles that may have kept you from finding your plus one.

For the next 30 days, follow these three tips to resolve your past and welcome your future.

1) Forgive - It's time to forgive the person, people and situations that have limited you from opening your heart to another person. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that releases YOU from hurt and anger. This is a personal and quiet act. You do not have to call anyone or write someone a letter. It is as simple as sitting by yourself, closing your eyes, imagine the person/situation and saying, "I forgive you." If you do this for 30 days in a row, you will create a pattern of forgiveness and you will also release yourself from the hurt and anger that may be keeping you from moving forward. Forgiveness is not allowing someone to get away with something. Forgiveness is allowing yourself to let that person move on and move out of your heart and of your head. It's time for someone more worthy to take up residence in those spots.

2) Journal  - Writing is a very powerful way to let go of issues and problems. You can keep a detailed journal, similar to a diary or you can make it simple with one sentence - "Today I am happy". By writing down how you are feeling and what you are thinking, you are giving your emotions an outlet. Rather than keeping all of your concerns locked inside of yourself, set them free. Buy a new journal to kick off the new year or download an app like Day One. Set a daily reminder to spend time making an entry. You can set a timer for five or ten minutes, and whatever thoughts come to mind - just let them go. Jot them down, type them out and release. Removing the negative from your life invites the positive.

3) Imagine - Create an inspiration board on Pinterest.com. Start an online photo diary on Instagram. Make a scrapbook of the places you want to go. Make a vision board with images of how you see yourself emotionally and physically. See your life the way you want it, free from issues, drama, past hurt and heartbreak. Design your future and resign from your past. Life is what you make of it. Start dreaming of how it could be and maybe one or two things will come true.


Commit to the 30 Day Challenge. Make 2013 your Year of Love! Let go and let love in. 

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