Who's The Enforcer In Your Family?

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Don't get stuck in struggle about how to parent. It's okay to hand off control to your partner.

In a two-parent home, it's common for each of you to have different strengths and challenges when it comes to parenting. For example, one of you may be volatile, while the other is more even-tempered.  Or maybe your partner is consistent with discipline and you are the 'soft touch'. This happens all the time!  And then, of course, your teen manages to use it to his advantage.

You and your partner will disagree about decisions about your kids.  It's a fact of life. You're going to be aggravated about it, too.  Also a fact.  But you don't have to stay stuck there.  And remember, your teens need for you to get on with it and parent them.

Take advantage of each others' strengths.  If you are inconsistent and not effective at following through on consequences, hand it off to your partner.  This is too important to let your ego get in the way.  There is no shame.  Think of it as a safety net of sorts for providing your kids with limits and growing responsibility.

Talk it over.  Decide who will be the enforcer.  If it's not you, take a back seat.  Be more of an observer, and chime in to show your support. 

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