Kids Leaving Home? How To Handle An Empty Nest

Kids Leaving Home? How To Handle An Empty Nest [EXPERT]
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Learn how to overcome separation anxiety and embrace your new life!

If you have nothing to take hold of, you will struggle more with letting go and be miserable longer. You have one day ... okay, make it two days, to wallow and be sad. Then it's time to move on. Why not make this transition exciting? What have you put on hold? What absolutely energizes you and has you jumping out of your chair when you think about it? 

Maybe it's a business of your own, cooking classes, travel, feeding the hungry or saving the rain forest. This is what you take hold of. Don't worry about planning out every step. Planning is good, but you don't want to get stuck in that phase. Take one step, and then another. Build some momentum and some excitement ... don't be left behind. Your kids aren't the only ones with the opportunity to explore new worlds! Over 50? Don't Age Gracefully, Live Agelessly

(And if you'd like some help, that's what I'm here for. Send me a note at fern@yourfamilymatterscoach.com. Let's do an "Explorer Strategy Session" together.)

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