Parenting: How To Make Your Relationship Better

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3 Steps that will have your teen turning to you for hugs and advice! (Free Teleseminar)

As a parent of a teen or tween, what could be better than more moments when your child wants to be close enough for a hug and to sit and talk to you?

You’ve been told to expect the eye-rolling and attitude and pulling away when they hit the teen years. Yes, it’s normal for this to happen; however, it doesn’t mean it has to be this way, and that you have to suffer through it. 

At From Eye-Rolling to ‘I love you’ you have the chance the transform your foundation – to a trusting, loving relationship with your teen. All the rest will follow… and the eye-rolling will become something you’ll all end up laughing about!

♥ You’ll learn how to quiet the ‘fixer’ voice in your head when you’re talking to your teen (because when the ‘fixer’ in you gets going, your child runs in the other direction).

♥ Just listening, with a few carefully chosen responses, will keep them talking. (You’ll get the exact wording that works.)

♥ What you want is for them to trust you and confide in you when there’s something important to talk about. You need to be the calm one who can help them sort through it. We’ll figure out what triggers you, and quiet that voice, too, so you can be the calm guide and trusted adult in the midst of their confusion.

Don’t overthink it. Just do it. When you put into practice what you learn here, you’ll see and feel the change, and experience the joy and relief of your child turning to you.

There are two sessions for this free teleseminar:

Tuesday, August 21, 7:30pm ET and Wednesday, August 22, 1:00pm ET.

Please register here for the game changer in your relationship with your teen.

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