5 Tips To Help Your Teen Succeed In School

5 Tips To Help Your Teen Succeed In School [EXPERT]

It's back to school time for moms, too!

5. Focus on the big picture, too. With college in the back of your mind, you may be putting extraordinary attention on grades. Of course they are important, but that also sends the message that grades are the only things that count during middle and high school.

There's lots of life learning to do if your kids are going to be successful in college and beyond. Are they curious and courageous? Do they show concern for others? How responsible are they for themselves (from laundry to behavior)? They don't need to be at an Ivy League school in order to be successful. How To Triumph As A "Supermom"

In the days when we worried about whether or not our son would even be accepted to college a wise person told us, "Don't worry about college. At this moment, he doesn't have what it takes to succeed in college anyway." That sounds harsh, but it was true, and we needed to hear it.

Go back to the basics. When their character is strong, the rest will follow.