4 Steps To Developing A Can-Do Attitude In Kids (EXPERT)

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How to master the art of parenting with these 4 steps.

No doubt about it. We live in a world where we are measured by our achievements: job title, home, schools, vacation destinations, cars and clothing. With them, you have status. Without them, who are you? And if you are a parent, you are probably passing this message to your kids, even if you don't intend to.

Parents walk a fine line. You want your kids to be independent and successful one day, so you keep your focus on academics, sports and things like that. At the same time, you value things like a positive attitude, giving best effort, persistence and resilience. So what happens when grades begin to drop? Fear kicks in, worry that what they do (or don't do) today will have disastrous effects on their future. It's one thing to say, "As long as you are giving it your all, it's okay." It's quite another to believe it and watch it play out.

As a teacher, I've seen "A" students finally study something that doesn't come easily and hit a wall. This is a challenge they don't know how to cope with. This is where attitude is everything. If you approach something with a "can’t do" attitude, it takes longer (or not happen at all), can be more difficult than it needs to be, and is exhausting.

Your child can have great grades and still not be able to launch. College and life require the ability to pick yourself up and start again...or move on to something else. Making mistakes and getting over them, and over yourself, are part of the process. There’s no way around it. Keep Reading...

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