Find Happiness And Start Releasing


We've talked before about forgetting the law of attraction, now let's take the next step.

Hi there,

So, in my last post we talked about forgetting the law of attraction, why? Because it works, whether you knew about it or not, it just works. So why push a train when it's already moving? Why exert energy whether it's visualizing or affirming your goals ,when you can just release what's keeping it from coming to you?

Here's the thing — it's not about attraction. It never was because that happens naturally. It's about "clearing" the way for your goals of getting a car or getting married to come your way. How does this happen?

The short answer is to realize your want for it! Yeah I know, simple right? You've been trained all those years to burn with desire for your goal, haven't you?

What did you REALLY attract? Was it the goal itself or just MORE wanting it? Of course you're now in a state where you can't release this want, and here comes ... the "long but very easy" way to releasing it, which we will learn about in the next article.