Maintain Happiness By Forgetting About It


Let's keep this short and to the point.

Choose something you want, try to keep it small. Let's assume finding your lost keys or a Snickers bar.

Think about this thing, and explore your feelings about it. If it was desire to find them — feel it. Allow the feeling to be here without doing anything about it, internally or externally. Welcome it, allow yourself to feel it as is ...

Take your time and also welcome any other feelings, sounds, voices, or images that arise. Let them become a part of what you feel.

No rush here. Take your time until you feel you are ready. You felt it all and the suffering or resisting the feeling is not here anymore.

Now, could you let it go? Would you do so? When would you?

Any answer is OK, by the way. We're not looking for a YES or a NO.

We're not looking for anything actually. Just allowing. 

So if the answer is no, say it. If it's yes, say it. When? The best answer is ... NOW.

Repeat the process until you really don't care about the thing itself and move on with your life. See how simple it was.

This is the way you attract what you want because you're not admitting the "want" vibrations. Regarding this particular goal, you feel enough.