Why Do I Keep Attracting Men That Are Bad For Me ?

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Find yourself asking this question more often then you should? See Exactly why this happens.

We have put together some exit surveys from woman who have seek helped on trying to figure out why they always attract bad men, these answers below are what the survey generated and we want to give them to you in hopes it will answer some questions you may have. 


You are attracting bad men because you have low self-esteem. Let me guess, at the onset of the relationship, you notice a few red flags but you dismiss them as something you can 'tweak' about his personality. Later, these traits rear their ugly heads in full force, and you are left wondering why you picked such a terrible man. But truth be told, the evidence was there all along. You were simply too insecure to allow an interested male pass by because, let's be honest, you aren't getting any younger. Learn to be content within yourself, and you will have the strength and acuity to notice faults in a potential mate and dismiss him for them


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You except any man because you are desperate, your goal is to get/be Happy and that is not working for you. Your goal should be to be with a great man & if he asks you to marry him, well great. See you are looking for men who will marry you, they are looking for women who are desperate to be married, so these guy know they can get away with some much & act like an ***.

Besides what do you have to offer that is special & different from other women that men are looking for in a wife that would set you apart from the crowd of women looking to get married?


If you don't take yourself seriously, then neither will they. You need to know who you are and what makes you special. The reason why God has you here. Your life should be full of joy and happiness FIRST. Once you know and care about yourself and are satisfied with your life, you won't accept a lot of crap from anyone, especially a man. Just goes to show you Tyler Perry was right - you attract who you are. If you're not happy, if you're depressed, or if you're desperate, you won't really care who's in your life as long as SOMEBODY is there....and you'll work your behind off just to keep them there, thinking they should appreciate all the love you are giving them. But if you're not loving yourself more and make a man your priority, he will surely become your liar, cheater and abuser. You're setting yourself up for failure until you start taking good care of yourself. As far as a husband is concerned, wait on God. If you're attracting losers, you still have some work to do on YOU.


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