Tricks To Make Your Ex Chase You


Turn The Tables, Have your ex lover blowing your phone up with Apologies!


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There IS a trick to getting your ex (or anyone)
to pursue you.

I first discovered this trick as a gangly freckle
faced kid visiting a dude ranch for the first time.

On the dude ranch the cowboys teach you how to
make friends with your horse.

The FIRST thing they teach you is NEVER
chase after the horse.

Made sense to me...

But how do you get the horse to come to

You attract it with something the horse
likes (a bucket of oats, an apple etc).

Don't make sudden moves.

Most importantly...

When it starts to move towards you...STAY STILL!

That was hard for an 11 year old.

But it worked!

This horse training trick works with your
ex too.

Obviously texting your ex that you have
a delicious bucket of oats for him/her won't probably
get the job done:-)


==>This certainly will

Another important thing the cowboys taught

When the horse finally comes to you, then you
need to bond with it.

In short, since you can't communicate with
words, you have to communicate through
emotions and senses.

Tis true with your ex too.

Don't try to win them back with LOGIC.

This never works.

==>Communicate through and talk to their emotions

Animals can teach us a lot about bonding.

And RE-bonding...

Like a horse, once your ex is "spooked" you need
to take an approach that overcomes some old
emotions and triggers.

==>This will help you