The Secret To Why Men Don't Commit


commitment issues with the guy your dating? Does he constantly break it off and act distant?

The Secret To Why Men Don’t Commit.

  Have you been in a relationship or are curtly in one now dealing with a guy that just can’t commit to you what so ever?
Do you find that he always seems distant and acts like he loves you but then a week later he is questioning if the two of you should even be together?
What is about guys that makes them so unsure that a woman there dating is right for them? If after that girl has done so much for him, shown him endless love put up with his annoying friends day after day and his bad habits but yet they still don’t want to commit and tie that girl down.

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Do you find yourself wondering why some woman are getting married and having men running to the jewelry store to buy  wedding rings and settle down with their girls?
What could those woman possibly being doing any different than what you have been doing since you been with your guy?
Do they know something you don’t?
Is there something wrong with you that your man sees?
Do you often find yourself wondering if you’re even with the right guy, is the one I should be settling down with, the one who can’t even commit to me.
What should you do, if the one your with is so wishy washy all the time, and says one day he Loves you and the next he needs time and doesn’t want to rush things?
The Secret to getting a man to commit and become overly addicted to you is a lot easier than you are thinking, and if all those other woman can get their men do commit then so can you.

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