How To Regain Your Ex Lovers Interest


Love songs, and sweet words aren't getting the job done? See what works for your ex lover.

Hello again:-)

I was just listening to Al Green on Pandora.

One of his most beautiful songs is How Can You Mend
A Broken Heart?

Al's smooth, soulful voice can shoot
a soft dagger in my heart....every time.

But... Al and men who are moved by
words alone are rare breeds.

If you feel like your guy is losing interest, trying
to stir up his emotions using words (usually) won't

... for instance...

Many women will pour their hearts out in a letter
thinking that the right words and feelings expressed
will stir his heart.


This has about the same effect as trying to
serve a Jewish vegetarian a pork sandwich.

So stop trying to use words to regain
his interest.

==>Here's 3 other ways that don't work either

A heartfelt letter might work if you're trying to win
back a woman.

But...You see...words are the wrong tool
for regaining a man's interest...

Words are for women.

==>Here's what works for regaining HIS interest


Which may give you valuable insight
into yourself and how you may be sabotaging
your efforts to regain his interest or win him
back into your life.


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Cheers Ed: