How To Have Your Ex Pleading For Your Love


Don't seem desperate instead turn the tables to have your ex begging and pleading for you back.

Jane was a young woman who has recently had her relationship of 1 year end because of indifferences between her and her partner. At first Jane thought that change might suit her and do some good, she could get out date new people see what she has been missing for an entire year since her relationship wasn’t going that well.

After a few weeks had past Jane has gone on a few dates since being on the single scene again, Jane was coming home every night after a date and balling her eyes out because she missed her partner so much.

What was Jane to do though?

Jane didn’t want to call or text her ex, because she felt that would make her look desperate and needed him back, Jane’s heart was locked up with confusion she wasn’t finding anyone else that made her feel special, loved, and wanted like her ex had.
Jane wanted him back so badly, she was willing to do anything, but didn’t know where to start because she wanted him to feel the same way and not just her…

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Jane proceed to do some research on (Get Your Ex Back) She found tons of articles and helpful hits on getting your ex back, so of course Jane was excited to try out these new tips and tricks for wining back her ex love again, once she put these tips in to action she quickly realized how wrong the advice was and she didn’t get anything back from her ex.

Jane was now feeling awful..

She felt

Lied to

These tips she was reading were supposed to help her, not make things worse or not have anything happen at all, Jane could have done nothing and got the same result, but instead she reached out and nothing happen in return, now her ex thinks she is begging for him back.

This has to be your ex’s idea first, they need to have the mental emotion movement first before anything will work, your ex needs to feel like he is the big shot and is coming to win you back.

There is ways to make this happen, but it’s far from the way Jane learned, there must be a since of curiosity going on for your ex to make them want to contact you.
If no curiosity is happening them there is no reason for your ex to think about you or even take an action to call and text you.

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