How To Become His Center Of Attention


How to get his undivided attention, without seeming desperate and overly clingy.

Doesn't it seem like like the last few years dating has changed?

I mean you seem more casual hook ups and FWB relationships now more than the old time courting relationships.

They even made a movie about FWB (friends with benefits) whats that say about our dating world these days.

Are you someone who just can't seem to get a guy to give you the time of day?

They just over look you don't even realize your worth and how great you could be for them!

Then they give there attention to the fake plastic barbie type that gives off the "Slut Vibe"

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Men have a weird out look on dating, they seem to think they want the barbie type but when that girl does them wrong or just wants their money, the man shuts down and doesn't realize there's good woman like you out there.

You want to really open a man's eye's and get his attention on you?

Well it has nothing to do with looks or what your willing to give up.

Getting a man's undivided attention, is all in the secret to attraction.

Attraction goes so much deeper than the skin, to get a man's full attention without having to act like someone you're not is a lot easier than you think.

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Don't go on any longer, wondering if he will talk to you, or notice you.

Chances are without knowing how to get his attention he will just pass by day after day.

You've had the power to attract him all along, it just needs to be activated and once you activate the power of attraction than it's game on!

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Cheers Friend!