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In A just a few minutes I am going to revel a very wacky but effective secret formula, that will help you access the impulsive part of any mans mind mind.

this formula will make any man feel a special kind of desire for you.

A desire so intense that you will be able to send his pulse racing through the roof. Have him bucking at the knees just thinking about you.

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Men have buttons, buttons that need to be pushed in order for them to react.

If you're not pushing those buttons you could be missing out on so many things that you could have.

Like having Mr, Dreamy ask you out on a date.

Not being looked at up and down when you walk in to a room full of men.

Not being treated like a woman should be treated..

Fail, at  hitting those buttons and non of those will connect with any man and you will feel lonely and pissed off.

I am talking about the kind of desire where any man feels almost spell bound by you.

This is the kind of desire that makes his heart pound in his chest.

This kind of desire will literally make his body shake with excitement for you.

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This desire is so powerful that any man will experience an intense and overwhelming urge to want to be with you more and more.

Don't wonder any longer why you can't seem to keep or capture his interest.

No longer feel left out or like your not good enough for him.

Use these tips and watch how he revels his desire for you and has a urge that he can't control.

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