3 Words That Ruin Getting Your Ex back


Words can ruin everything, see the 3 top words that kill your chances of getting your ex back!


Why did you say those things? How could you want me back in your life after sounding so serious when we broke up?

Did you realize what you said, and now you miss me and think I'll Just run back to you? Your joking right ?



Does that conversation sound anything like you and your ex lover?

Don't stress everything has a solution and we can fix this even though it seems impossible and like they never want to see you again.

There just needs to be an adjustment in the words you use when you were fighting.

These 3 words are mood killers and very hurtful to anyone. When said by someone they cared for it means more because 90% of the time it's truthful.


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1. Your a Loser

This word is very harsh and digs deep down inside, because your telling them they failed they never accomplished a goal or were a success.

They may blow it off and say whatever and words back in anger, but when the anger wears off that ord really cuts them deep.

Calling your ex lover a loser will reduce your chances of ever getting them back big time.

2. I Hate YOU!

Remember, with words we can't take back the things we say, once you let them fly out of your mouth your responsible for how deep they cut the other person.

3. I never Loved You!

Why in the world would your ex lover ever come back in to your life after hearing that word???

You have said you hate them, their a loser and now you never loved/cared for them.

Very harsh thing to say, and now your over the anger and you realize how much you do love/care for them and miss them.

You have done everything, your calling texting, showing up at their work, and nothing good has come of it.


All you feel is sadness, shame,regret,lonely. You're starting to see that those words may have done more damage then you thought.

Well what I want to show you is a way for you to get past your ex lovers wall and get inside their soft spots.

This isn't easy but once done your success rate goes up 85% more then where your at now.

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Cheers Friends.