3 Secrets To Get Your Ex To Respond Back To You


Feeling hopeless that you have lost your ex for good? Seems like they hate you and shut you out?

Does your heart just drop out of your chest when you’re out in in public and all you see is happy couples kissing holding hands, and all you can think about is your ex and how that use to be you?
Do you feel like just hiding under a rock so the pain will go away of feeling a lone?
You’ve tried everything to get your ex to respond back to you, but nothing seems to be working they just keep ignoring you.
It’s not your fault, don’t think it’s you, the reason they’re not responding back is because their emotional buttons aren’t being pushed the messages that they see have no reason for them to respond back, if you can generate that emotion behind a message it will snap them out f their coma and they will contact you.

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   When a couple breaks up, there is always one of them that goes in to like a deep emotion coma, it’s like they are frozen to any feelings or what you have to say, it may seem cold hearted but that’s the place they’re in.

Without knowing how to snap them out of this cold hearted coma they have fallen in to, you will just keep feeling lonely and sad that your ex isn’t responding.
There is hope, you don’t need to hide under rocks or cry and be sad when you see other couples kissing and cuddling in public, instead you will now be equipped with the right words to snap your ex love out of their coma.

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