3 Reasons Why Men Break It Off


Shocked That you got The Break Up Talk When Everything was A Okay? Why Did He Change So Quickly?

Have finely had enough with the pop up out of the blue break ups from guys?

Sick of hearing the same BS..

It's me not you

I don't mean to hurt you

I just need time a lone..

Bla Bla Bla

You've heard those lines way to many times right?

Why do men just break it off unexpectedly?

The Answer Is Right Here <

Men Are a lot like a traffic signal..

You know the 3 stages on a traffic light.. Red, Yellow and Green.

Red Means STOP Now danger go no further.

Yellow Means Caution slow down be alert prepare to stop.

Green as we know is all clear move forward.

Well men also have these 3 emotions in them and we call it the traffic light commit phobic.

Just think back when you first met one another, there was a mutual attraction you're personalities clicked, things were all Green.

You dated for a bit hung out and such, and then one day he just runs away.

You got a call a text or maybe he was man enough to say it in person, and he gives you the "breaking it off talk"

Before you can even speak or try and figure it out, he is gone and isn't looking back.

How the heck did you go from GREEN, to right away Red without any warning signs?

Here's How To Fix It <

Men get these weird feelings and the worse part about these emotions, for a man is they have no clue how to communicate them to you.

They don't even know or understand why they run and break it off so often, these men are commit phobic and aren't even aware of this.

You aren't either so without understanding the steps to take and the ways to approach a commit phobic man you're left hurt alone and confused.

Men with the traffic signal problem can be very hurtful to their partners, if you don't know how to cure this in the man your dating it could lead to a very big disaster.

> Fix It Using These Steps <