3 Stages Of Commitment Phobia


Is your man afraid of commitment?

You've been dating for a while now, but your lover hasn't given you any signs of a true long-term commitment. Are you just wasting your time? Or do they really want more but don't know how to move forward?

You could always hit and push toward more, but that could set off an alarm to them of you being pushy and them feeling pressured, and that can lead to break ups and bad fights. My good friend has discovered the easiest non-confrontational way to approach your lover and get them to commit. We Listed It Here.

There are a few stages you should keep an eye out for to feel out the possible effect of a commitment phobic lover.

Stage 1:
The unbalanced stage. If you are getting the cold shoulder a lot, and short unanswered explanations for your questions, this is stage 1 of them slipping in to a commitment comma.

Stage 2:

The avoidance stage is big, this will happen a lot when you want to talk about certain topics that your lover just can't handle. If your lover has commitment phobic tendency they will avoid topics like, marriage, moving in together, and how do you feel about us.

Crack Commitment Phobia Here

Stage 3: The Blaming Stage. This can be very nasty and harsh at times, when your lover feels pressured by you, they will start blaming you for things. Things like, your always wanting more, you just want to change me, if you aren't happy then leave. This is stage 1, and 2 blending together and them doing everything they can to stop you from talking about deeper commitment.

How can you overcome all of this?

Use my good friends system and tips, that he is giving you so you can crack your lovers commitment phobia. Get The Advice Here.

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